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    Scott Glidden

    So now that I’ve got my new office and a HUGE bump in PAVE score, I’ve started to reach out to local businesses. One in particular is directly behind my office and it is a mix of gym and country club. I’ve done a presentation for their trainers previously, but now that I’m next door I pitched them that I could do workshops and the like at their facility for the members. The head trainer is pitching this idea to her GM this week and wanted to know if we needed a contract. What should I charge,? This gym is where the movers and shakers and Milwaukee network and get things done. It will be KEY to get into this location and I don’t want them to balk at the price but my time is valuable. Also—Avail is looking great Adam!


    Matthew Lytle

    Great opportunity Scott!

    The value here is the opportunity to constantly educate and get quality new patients. I wouldn’t charge anything for the marketing opportunity. I would create a lecture series of lunch and learns that give you multiple opportunities to talk about different topics and how you are the expert.


    Adam Holen D.C.

    Thanks Scott! Finally some breathing room in the office. Congrats on the new setup as well. Increasing PAVE will be big. Matt said it well, the opportunity to get in front of people shouldn’t be something you charge for. Give great presentations with a ton of valuable info that connects with your audience and the rest will take care of itself.


    Scott Glidden

    Thanks guys! I think I’m able to do the best in smaller groups, so I’ve got to work on my larger-group skills and not over-explain things (which is a shortcoming I’m trying to overcome). Are there any particular topics you guys have tried that were particularly compelling?


    Carl Nottoli, DC

    Adhesion. It’s the most common cause for restricted mobility, pain, weakness, and speeds up degeneration. It’s highly underdiagnosed but completely reversible with expert care.

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