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Urinary incontinence referral

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    Scott Glidden

      I have a patient who was telling me about her daughter who is 14 years old and has had urinary incontinence for the past 2 years (since falling on her lower back/pelvis). It only happens when she is being active, and its only a little bit (like some post-partum moms). They have been to 2 different chiros with no results over the last 2 years. Knowing that this isn’t our wheelhouse I decided to stay away from saying anything. However, a crush injury WOULD cause adhesion in the pelvis and the pudendal nerve does briefly exit the pelvis before going back in and innervating the urinary tract structures.

      Any recommendations on who I should refer to?

      Should I examine her lumbar flexion and sacrum for adhesion?


      Keith Puri, DC

        I would likely stay away from this case and recommend a neurourology consult. A MR neurgraphy of the pelvis could also be helpful to evaluate for an underlying peripheral nerve issue.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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