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Upper Extremity ICD-10 Codes

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    Doc Nina

      Good afternoon fellow ID providers!
      I am curious what ICD-10 codes you use most frequently in regards to upper extremity cases? Specifically I have a patient with right thumb pain, no other symptoms. It is due to chronic overuse (tattoo artist). Patient has considerable amount of adhesion in forearms, palm, first three finger joint capsules, and Ulnar Nerve at FCU. I have compiled a list of pain, internal derangement and nerve codes for the upper extremity, however, as I understand its better to have a higher code than simply pain in terms of billing. I appreciate any help and guidance you could provide! I would also be happy to share what I have compiled and we could create a master list of ICD-10 codes for the upper extremity on a google doc that can be continuously edited and referenced, what do you think? Have a great day!
      Doc Nina


      William Brady, DC

        Hi Nina,

        I don’t know if you will get much of a response to this. Many providers no longer deal with insurance, so they have no need to code in a detailed way. The providers that do take insurance usually tailor the codes to the specific insurance company that they are dealing with. This varies greatly by company and state. Some times it’s easier to code a subluxation, others a peripheral nerve entrapment works, etc.

        Don’t forget the insurance company doesn’t care about your brilliance, they just want you to be like everyone else.


        Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

          I don’t remember codes off the top of my head, but would put things like carpal tunnel for any hand pain (I think you can specify sides). Myalgia was always on the list. Epicondylitis, etc. All general stuff as the ICD-10 codes are not for us, but to pacify insurance companies that treatment is needed. It seems the more accurate you get with your diagnosis codes the harder it is to get paid.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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