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Upper Extremity: Best Ever!

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    William Brady, DC

      After finishing the Upper Extremity course this past weekend, I want to let all of the ID community know how things went. WOW! The biggest improvements were using the assistant for all IAR protocols and the palpation exam form for shoulder abduction. The IAR is now easy to learn and 2-10x more effective, with an increased dose tolerance for the patient. Better results in fewer visits.

      The SA palpation form forces you to slow down, locate the adhesion, grade the adhesion… this allows you to stop and think, feel more and ultimately diagnose, treat and communicate better. You must be using these forms with your office visit note.

      I was thrilled to see the improved material work so well and be so easily adopted by new and old providers alike. The seminar was fun, relaxed and very productive. We were not rushed at all.

      ID just keeps setting the bar higher and higher. Thank you to everyone that attended. If you didn’t we will have the fall schedule out this week. Please be ready to register for the October Upper Extremity.

      I would love to hear your thoughts on the improved IAR and/or SA worksheet.



      Seth Schultz, DC

        I’ll comment on the SA worksheet. I had an exam yesterday and as I was showing the patient the spots of adhesion in her shoulder she said “I’m in, when do we start?” This was before I even finished my ROF! That ROF was one of the most relaxed ones I have ever had. It literally felt like we were having a conversation over coffee. I believe the reason for that is by following the ID steps, taking pictures, and filling out the worksheet. That set up the ROF up so well that it’s hard to deny facts when they’re in your face like that.

        The power of the worksheets are undeniable, the lumbar and sciatic nerve palpation forms have been a huge improvement to my communication and now the shoulder worksheet is too!


        Carl Nottoli, DC

          It was incredibly exciting to teach this new material. Everyone from beginner level to expert was making massive improvements. The ease of implementation means the ramp up time for a provider to become advanced in shoulder and upper extremity entrapments is very quick! The new methods with the assistant and the shoulder document is as big of an improvement as the LFT was.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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