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    Matthew Ellerbrock

      Looking for some growth after coasting for the past year and really enjoying it-

      I believe the best path to growth is to work with a two assistant set up on the way to eventually hiring a body region specific DC/PT.

      I know Matt has this set up in St. Louis and if anyone else has I would love to have some tips on your ‘normal’ flow.

      So far: I have the CA doing the patient prep, subjective and testing, flipping a flag system outside the room to let me know the patient is ready. Then I review, perform treatment, advise any load management, answer questions. Leave the room.

      The CA post tests. We can review any patient afterwards that doesnt get improved post test.



      Christopher Stepien

        Hi Matt! I love that you’re moving on this! We need a bigger space before we pull the trigger on two assistants.

        I’ve played with this when one of our other assistants is free, having two in the room.

        One sits and takes notes.
        The other moves for exams and treatment.

        Doing this, I’ve noticed I’ve finished visits about 2-3 minutes faster. If I were doing this now, I’d deliberately expedite treatments, doing 5 treatments an hour instead of 4 and then that would force any inefficiencies to come out immediately.

        My thoughts : )

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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