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Tonight's Webinar: Second Principles- Measure Everything

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    William Brady, DC

      Tonight’s webinar will review the critical importance of measuring everything and how the ID system encourages (err… requires) you to do this. Everything from pre and post range tests, visit pain scores, adhesion severity, percent improved… Measure the data and use the data to make better decisions and improve patient care.

      Log in using the link provided in your email or just go to the webinar page and click the green button at the top.

      See you tonight!


      William Brady, DC

        I really enjoyed developing the content and delivering last nights webinar. It just keeps getting more and more clear that the ID system is the only reasonable way to practice. A few of you reached out to me via email to say thanks. Please post comments here so the community can benefit as well. Thanks!


        Eric Lambert, DC

          Last nights webinar was really good, only improving ID further. It was the first time I feel that the ID paperwork has gotten to a place that I felt comfortable with moving more to paper instead of computer notes. Maybe it was just how Dr. Brady was going over it that was different, but it definitely helped. Plus the new terminology that was brought out to use now and all the measurements we use just bring ID even more to the top.

          I just treated on my MD patients the other day who was saying that he doesn’t know any other provider who does all the objective measurements like I do, and that’s why I get his referrals, because I can show “measurable progress” with patients. This is something he never gets from other providers, which is just common place now for those of us utilizing ID. So thanks for continuing to improve the objectiveness and ease of showing the patient and other providers the progress we are making.

          This was also the first time I could see the future more clearly of how we can make multiple clinical assistants work for one provider, thus enabling us to help more patients.


          Adam Holen D.C.

            I agree with Eric, great stuff. I’m curious as to the “new” ROF flow. Will there be a video in the future to go through the steps of how to implement the new language and flow? Is this geared towards case fee specifically or any implementation? And I guess my biggest concern is the simplicity of it all. Before it was all about “5th grader with ADD” simplicity/understanding which has made most ROF’s end with a “no shit” or “it just makes sense” reaction. So I’m assuming this upgrade is to gear things to more medical verbiage and professionalism, but will this still hit on the (patients) understanding of it all?

            Per usual, I finally get confident and comfortable with something and it changes. Which is only exciting since everything has always been for the better. Just curious as to how/when to start implementing the new ROF.


            William Brady, DC

              Yes, there will be a video and instructions on the updated ROF- IN THE FUTURE. That was just bonus material to show the more numbers we have the more compelling the argument (surgery at $29,000 vs MAR case fee at $3,000).

              This won’t complicate the explanation of what is wrong, it will further simplify it. The “I’m an expert part is built in” and instead we will make their CHOICE crystal clear. Talking about what they care about (money, recovery, success etc.)

              I can’t explain the whole thing here. But sit tight for now and know that your future keeps getting brighter!


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