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    Drew Ruebbelke

      Anybody out there who runs a busy clinic have a preferred text and email reminder service?

      Looking for:

      • Texts/email reminders for up to 300 patients or so, reasonably priced.
      • Customizable message for patients, and easy to use.
      • Not glitchy
      • Does NOT allow patients to cancel directly from the reminder itself.
      The built in reminder service for the EHR scheduler we use isn’t cutting it. Would love some feedback here.

      Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

        I recently changed to Acuity for my scheduler. It does all those things. Its better than what I was using before. You can send out as many reminders per appointment as you want. I send out an email 48 hours and 24 hours before, and a text 24 hours. Seems fine.


        Drew Ruebbelke

          Thank you, my friend.


          Matthew Ellerbrock

            What were you using? When I switched to paper I went to kareo and they cannot seem to get a text message to people consistently before their appt.

            Third system I used now and never had this happen before. Kareo says it’s not their problem.


            Drew Ruebbelke

              I was using the text reminders offered through ChiroFusion EHR. They were not customizable and allowed patients to cancel directly from the text, not to mention being an additional $50/month. The texts would go through but it decreased accountability a bit too much on the patient’s end.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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