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    Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

      What are some best practices for asking for/receiving testimonials from patients for promotional/website purposes?

      I haven’t asked for any for some time, and am curious to hear from the forum members on what they do and what might be most effective.



        I definitely find that the video testimonials really do a great job of conveying the patients true experience and comes off as totally genuine. Alot of times when you just see a name with a testimonial how do you really know if the doctor just made it up themselves. I feel the video gives a true example of social proof and people can really connect with the person and understand what they went through.


        Christopher Stepien

          I agree with Matt regarding video.

          As far as location of testimonials, our strategy is to have so many testimonials on every forum that people can’t help but see how effective we are.

          We have people post on Facebook and Google. We used to have them post on Yelp, but north jersey isn’t super active on Yelp. Then, I’ll take the testimonial and either put it on our “general testimonial” page, a specific pain condition testimonial page, or I’ll write a blog post about it to get SEO power from it.

          At least a couple of times a month, new patients come in citing our testimonials. Also, our google analytics show that our web presence is growing with this strategy.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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