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    Matthew Ellerbrock

      I have been very happy with the lifetimer elevation tables. I loved the Astralite portable for any off site work or work at home on wife, kids friends etc.

      My LMT in my office is getting into ID and of course finds the normal massage table to be cumbersome and I am looking into getting the lifetimer massage/chiro table for her (swap cushions out for either category). Anyone use this one for ID? She still does some massage work so I am leary to just order another elevation table….

      Elevation Table LT-CAM

      Not against another brand of table if someone has any ideas on that either.


      Eric Lambert, DC

        I have two of them, one in my treatment room and one in Maggie’s. I had to switch out the head piece for the normal chiro head piece for myself, while Maggie stayed with the massage headpiece Lifetimer came with. Biggest issue is the massage sheets don’t fit as snug on it as they do a normal massage table. Maggie normally switches out the pads between patients when she has a massage and then back the smaller pads for her ID patients. I personally like the wider width of the CAM table, but I treat a bunch of older patients who didn’t like the shorter width of a normal chiro table. However the wider width does get in the way of knee flexion off the table movement occasionally. Hope that helps some, feel free to send us a personal message too if needed Matt. Maggie or myself would be happy to answer any questions you or your therapist have about the transition.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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