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Supraspinatus tendinosis with fraying but NO tear

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    Scott Glidden

      45 y.o. female
      Presented with sharp R shoulder pain (6/10)
      P+ push ups and overhead lifting
      P- rest

      SA: R 65%-4/10 pain at end range
      SA: L 75%-1/10 stretch at end range

      Post-treatment (10 visits)
      SA: B 100%-0/10
      SE/D: B 3″

      There is no more OH pain but pain with push ups is still 4/10. Ordered an arthrogram and she has a frayed (from bursal surface) & tendinotic R supraspinatus tendon. I told her she shouldn’t perform anymore overhead lifts or presses for the time being. Having NOT looked through the forum thread at the time, I told her to perform an adduction exercise with a lightweight over the next week (she will be on vacation over the next week) and that we will begin treatment of the tendon when she returns.

      Has there been any agreement or research on what the BEST plan of action is for supraspinatus tendinosus w/o a tear? I told her this will likely take 6 months+ to resolve, and that she had better be on light duty because her shoulder is at a high risk of a tear. Any other suggestions?


      Scott Glidden

        note about the adduction exercise:
        Find a cable machine, put the pin high enough so sher arm will be 135 degrees abducted. Adduct to 0 and then try to drop shoulder and bring arm over midline of body (best I could think of). 2×10 every day.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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