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    Matthew Ellerbrock

      Its our policy in office that staff receive treatment at no cost as a benefit to being an employee.  I am curious to what others are doing.   It would be neat to see what has worked in encouraging staff treatment and what makes them complete their treatment.

      However the staff either feel ‘guilty’ taking a spot from another patient or they give their spot up to allow another in.  This just ‘happens’ and it makes my stomach hurt to type it right now…. I am not communicating how important it is to move well even after they feel well.

      Its valuable for the staff to understand the value we provide.  They see it in the patients who are satisfied with care and they all make great referrals of friends and family, but how do I get them to put themselves first and get their treatment…


      Christopher Stepien

        I’ve had similar issues Matt.

        Currently, I’m not prioritizing it with my staff b/c it’s so busy.

        But this is helping me realize why I need to.

        With my current staff and new hires, I’m explaining: “You need to be excellent in every area of your life.” If they’re not following through with treatment, it’s my communication (this is me currently). If I’m communicating well, they’re not behaving like a Top Performer (and we need them to).

        Then, just like we coach them in any other role in the office, we coach them to get treatment (because how we make our bed is how we do everything).

        TY for the coaching. I’ll nip this in the bud with my staff today.


        Seth Schultz, DC

          We typically treat our staff before or after scheduled patients so that leaves time for them to get treated and not feel like they’re taking a patient slot. It’s important to Carl and I that our staff is healthy and it should be important for them as well. It shouldn’t be a problem if you communicate the value of keeping them healthy so they can be excellent at their job. I love that Chris said that. We bring a lot to the table and we expect our staff to do the same. Constantly communicating our vision and purpose has helped solidify what we’re truly doing for each patient that walks in our office. When the staff hears that it sticks with them because they’ve experienced, first-hand, what we can do for the ones we know we can help.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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