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Staff measurable performance

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    Michael Vibert

      I’ve been struggling to come up with good measurable performance indicators for my staff.
      What are other providers using?

      A recent webinar was talking about smiles per day for reception, mistakes with booking etc

      What about assistants?

      I feel like i’l lacking imagination here!


      Adam Holen D.C.

        I don’t have a great answer as my front desk is also my clinical assistant for the time being, but she’ll be transitioning to full-time CA asap. So we are gradually training her for this position in more detail. One thing that comes to mind is the tasks you have them do (note taking, testing, patient motion), trying to boil that down to mistakes or questions. We generally spend 2-3 hours/week going over short-hand for notes, treatment motions, things they may mention during the patient encounter, etc. Unfortunately, this is a rather ambiguous metric to try and quantify. Along with the front desk tasks, I generally just like to finish the week out asking “what was your biggest headache this week?” Essentially I’m trying to get out, what are you uncomfortable with or would like to clarify/work on. This lets her know I’m here to help and our current motto is “there’s no problem too small if it can be improved upon.” Hope this helps a little, but I’m sure others who have full-time CA’s and training for that will be able to better clarify what they do to operate at the highest level.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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