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Small Group: September and October

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    William Brady, DC

      There are a few changes to announce for small groups.

      1.Small Groups will now be with three providers and one instructor.

      The instructors are having to act as the assistant and this takes away from teaching. Just like the seminars three providers actually improves the ability to slow down and observe- making for faster progress. Lastly, this increases small group capacity 50%- so it’s easier to get the slot that works for you.

      2. Small Groups will only be in Boston (Newbury, MA)

      For several reasons the pre-seminar small groups are not optimal. We will only offer these on occasion and with exceptional circumstances (example: provider travelling from Australia will attend). When they are offered providers are required to attend the following seminar.

      The small group availability for September and October are as follows:
      Updated: 7/17/18

      September 7: Full (Vibert, Appleman, Ruebbelke, Lambert, Zick, Holen)
      September 21: Full (King, Appleman, Ruebbelke)
      September 28: Full (Stepien, Cohen, Wengert)
      October 3-5: Full (Schultz, Phipps, Paul Nottoli)
      October 12: Full (King, Appleman, Ruebbelke)
      October 19: Full (Stepien, Buffan, Lambert)

      Post below with the dates you want starting Monday July 16th at 7:00 pm eastern. Also post questions if you have any.

      I am looking to another great series of intense and productive training!


      James Phipps

        James Phipps oct 3-5


        Scott King, DC

          Myself, John Appleman, Drew Ruebbelke for 9/21 and 10/12.


          Drew Ruebbelke

            Drew Ruebbelke and John Appleman 9/7/18

            Drew Ruebbelke, John Appleman, Scott King 9/21/18

            Drew Ruebbelke, John Appleman, Scott King 10/12/18


            Paul Nottoli

              October Intensive, please


              Christopher Stepien

                Sept 28

                Oct 19


                Seth Schultz, DC

                  October 3-5


                  William Brady, DC

                    Thanks for the sign ups. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone.

                    The list has been updated on 7/17/18.

                    The small group in Chicago will have 6 attendees as both Dr. Lytle and Dr. Brady will be teaching.



                    Matthew Buffan

                      Matt Buffan, October 19


                      Eric Lambert, DC

                        Eric Lambert and Maggie Zick September 7 Chicago

                        Eric Lambert October 19 Boston

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