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Small Group: March

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    William Brady, DC

      Post below starting Monday, January 14 at 5:00 pm eastern with the dates you want. First post- first serve. Also post questions if you have any.

      The small group availability for March 2019 are as follows:

      March 1: Full (Araujo, Stepien, Holen) **In Chicago w/ Dr. Lytle – 1-5pm**
      March 8: 1 slot open (Zelasko, Cohen)
      March 15: Full (Instructors)
      March 22: Full (Stepien, Phipps, Buffan)
      March 29: 1 slot open (McCrea, Zelasko)

      Other Details:

      Three providers per date. You may request as a single, double or triple.
      Small Groups will only be in Boston (Newbury, MA) with the exception of the 3/1 small group at Hilton Garden Inn – Chicago with Dr. Lytle.
      You will be invoiced within one week of date request. This must be paid within 2 weeks of receipt or your spot may be lost.
      Travel and other details are on the hands-on seminar page.
      If you want to attend a 3-day small group please email These are scheduled by request.

      The skills obtained in small group lately have been insane! If you haven’t attended please make it a point to get on the schedule.




        March 8


        Adam McCrea

          Adam McCrea, March 29th please


          Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

            march 8


            Christopher Stepien

              Mar 1, Mar 22


              Adam Holen D.C.

                March 1st


                James Phipps

                  March 22


                  Matthew Buffan

                    March 22



                      March 29


                      Eric Lambert, DC

                        March 29

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