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    Christopher Stepien

      With Coaching coming to an end, I’d like to start a small email group of 3-5 doctors who want to continue to discuss cases more in depth.

      I’ve talk with Bill about being nervous about not having our bi-weekly calls. I also mentioned to him that I hold back a lot of questions and cases because I’ve noticed many people aren’t engaged with this forum.

      I generally learn a lot from other people’s cases and like when other post. I like to test out where I’m current at.

      My intent with the email group would be:

      1. More accountability to each other as far as helping with cases and go into more depth on tests, data points, and cases.

      I propose testing this out for 1 month and seeing how it goes.

      If anyone is interested, please email me at drchris@barefootrehab.com008


      Carl Nottoli, DC

        I appreciate how engaged you are on the forum and all the tremendous feedback and cases you bring to the table.

        I have no doubt that finding other like minded individuals will help you a great deal. My concern is that if you and the other 5 people that are the most engaged use the forum less, everyone in ID will suffer. I would suggest to continue to use this forum and the forum on FB for cases, communication, and business questions so that all others may learn.

        With that said, I encourage whoever is reading this thread to step it up and post more so Chris doesn’t feel like he’s alone. He’s being extremely generous with his time to be here sharing his wealth of knowledge. We all go through massive struggles and will only learn if we confront them. We also learn more confronting those struggles together.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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