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Research request: Whoop strap and ID

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    Scott Glidden

      I was reading an article in regards to human performance and it had a tangent about the Whoop strap. The Whoop strap is a wristband that is supposed to tell you if you are recovered enough to train again by measuring heart rate, heart rate variability, ambient temperature, mobility and skin response (whatever that means). It has done some research into how individuals who listen to their Whoop strap get injured 60% less.
      This company has in-road with pro athletes, olympic athletes, and even did a year-long study with minor league baseball players that was presented at the 2016 winter meetings. What if range of motion was an additional factor? If there was positive correlation with Whoop-approved training readiness and adequate ROM I feel like that would be an incredibly powerful message that could reach and effect a broad audience. It wouldn’t hurt that ID providers would be the ideal source of ROM improvement either!


      William Brady, DC

        Whoop looks like a great idea. I am all for basing exercise, rest, nutrition etc. on the individuals metrics. You guys may have noticed I dislike generalities and guesswork 😉

        If you are training when you are biologically ready for the load demands then you will get hurt less and perform better. It is the athletes dream.

        I also agree that everybody needs to have good function (full range, with ease and pain free) to have a healthy MSK system.

        Has anybody in ID tried the Whoop device?


        Carl Nottoli, DC

          I have tried it. The customer service was shitty and at $30/month I decided to ditch it. It may be better now as they get more users.

          The data is interesting, but if you pay attention to can begin to “feel” your way through most of what the readings are telling you. And if you’re not a professional athlete there’s little need for that level of detail IMO.

          I can’t see WHOOP adding ROM as an indicator on there as it’s a reading that we find relevant but no one else does.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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