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Request: Integrative Diagnosis Podcasts / Audio

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    William Brady, DC

      Hey guys,

      I have reasonably long commutes to and from my work and I love listening to the (non technique) videos as I drive. I’ve found great value in just listening to the audio on multiple occasions.

      The problem I have is that it blasts through my mobile data cap because it is streaming video. In the end I can listen to only a few videos a week if I want to drip feed information throughout the month. Which leads me to my question…

      Is it possible to have audio only versions of say the communication and business videos as podcasts / sound cloud files?

      We have a culture where we are encouraged to listen, watch and review material and I think this would be a huge step forward to making it easier than ever to do on a constant basis!


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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