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    Scott Glidden

      This morning I had a very productive chat over a coffee with a pretty well connected hip surgeon. I referred a patient to him a few weeks ago and he called to thank me, so we chatted a bit over the phone. He talked about doing a few sciatic nerve entrapment procedures and I made note that I can get the same results without surgery, so we set up time to talk this morning. He was impressed and plans on trying me out soon. He just had an interesting request: he would like to be the one to order imaging since he generally likes to have an injection test beforehand to make sure the patient isn’t unreasonably comfortable with extra fluid in their hip during imaging. This sounds reasonable to me since the imaging would ultimately come at a point I’ve ran out of progress, but I also don’t want to lose contact with the patient. Many things I used to do sounded reasonable to me as well, and after listening to you fine people enough I’ve learned to correct those things. Any suggestions?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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