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Referral from Upper Cervical Chiro

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    Andrew Wengert

      I recently got a referral from an upper cervical “Structural Chiropractic” doc.  He is the husband of one of my wife’s friends/co-workers.  He sent me a shoulder case of one of his cases that had plateued, after he saw one of my facebook posts.

      He wants to meet and talk about philosophy/treatment and potentially referring patients to each other.

      I feel I have to have this conversation because of the personal relationship. I also love talking to other providers about what I do.

      The problem is, I see no possible scenario where I would actually refer a patient to this type of provider.

      Any advice on presenting what I do without offending what he does.


      Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

        These are hard. I try to think about the communication the same way I do with a patient.

        Set the expectation really low. You are unlikely to refer to him, but on the chance you have a patient that really wants to be adjusted and “needs” maintenance to keep there nerve flow, and balance their chakras, you’d be happy to refer. This is true, and super unlikely, but still true.

        I also focus on what I can do for them. I’m not interested in seeing people for the rest of their life (also true, its exhausting to deal with people). You are in the business of fixing people and sending them on their way. Depending on how loyal a client they are to the other doc, they’ll probably go back especially if its for something like a shoulder.

        I have a couple of chiros that send me cases that are difficult that they aren’t fixing, right now I have a couple of varied cases from neck, low back, hip, headaches, and shoulder who were referred. I don’t expect this to be a constant stream, but I appreciate that some out there recognize their limitations and are TRYING to doctor well. The plan is to do the ID system, and discharge them as appropriate. I had a recent case where I treated a lady for headaches, and after we were through about 90%, she really felt like she needed full spine adjusting for general health. She went back to her other chiro, and I’m fine with that. Its crazy to think, but I did my job.

        Just be honest and gentle. There’s no way in hell you will refer someone to him, but sometimes things go to hell. (You may not want to use those exact words)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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