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R Shoulder Hike with CF

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    Jamie Hansen

      Hey Everyone,
      Has anyone seen a pt whos right shoulder hikes during CF?

      1st Order HX
      SX Loc: Chronic R upper Cervical pain 10+yrs (occipitals) occasional bilateral ring and pinky numbness with prolonged flexion (cpu, reading, texting)
      SX Q: upper Cervical-> Deep pressure/throbbing at times/ tension
      SX I: Rest: 2/10 Avg: 4/5/10 Worst: 8/10 (only when has HA ~ 1-2x/wk, HA is localized to right sub-occipital area
      Pro: prolonged flexion, sleeping position (belly sleeper but working on changing)
      Pal: self adjusting his neck, CBD balm, massage)

      2nd HX points:
      2 concussions both abt 15yrs ago, no other significant head/neck trauma.
      No MRI or Xray

      UCF: 20
      CF: 58 (right shoulder hikes up with CF)
      CTF: 68 (right shoulder hikes up)
      Rot: L=73 R=62

      Thank you guys


      James Phipps

        Yes that is a compensation, he can go further into CF and CTF because hiking the shoulder takes tension off of that area. Retest CF and CTF and make sure that shoulder stays down to get a more accurate assessment.

        Based on your history sounds like a perfect patient for ID.


        Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

          Right. Sounds protective. Does he have symptoms during the exam? You have a diagnosis?


          Jamie Hansen

            Thank you guys for the feed back i was thinking my self that it was some type of reflexive compensation.

            Brandon, S/X during the exam are only slight pulling along the R-upper C spine.


            Scott Glidden

              What is your diagnosis? It looks like disc degeneration at C7 could be on the table.

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