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Prospective Patient: Post-op Bone Spur

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      Good afternoon everyone,

      A prospective patient called into the office yesterday inquiring about treatment. She was two weeks post-op for surgery to remove a calcaneal spur. Her surgical wound has not yet fully healed and she stated that she still has bandages on it. Since she is still post-op status, I was unsure what would be an appropriate timeframe for when she could be seen for potential treatment for a chief complaint in the surgical area.

      Any thoughts or recommendations?


      Keith Puri, DC

        Early in my career, I had 2 elbow surgeries to remove ‘bone spurs’ from my olecranon and rehab began once the incision site was close to fully healed (~ 3 weeks). Tx was initially directed away from the surgical site and progressed towards is as it continued to heal.

        I’m assuming getting to the surgical site and removing a calcaneal spur is a bit more involved. I believe the fat pad and a portion of the plantar fascia have to cut/removed to expose the spur so it can be burred down. I would expect a longer recovery time and would wait for clearance from the surgeon before jumping into tx. She should have been given post-op instructions regarding healing time and when to begin manual care. If she wasn’t given any specific instructions I would reach out to the surgeon for that.

        That said, it’s great the patient reached out about tx, my concern would be she just had surgery 2 weeks to remove a spur and is already looking for additional tx. Is she not convinced the surgery helped?


          Thank you for the input Keith!

          When the woman contacted the office one of our admin. staff members talked to her, seeing as she was a prospective new patient. I am not sure if or what post-op instructions she was given by her surgeon as she did not share that information with him. Based on the information that was relayed to me, it appears that she is still experiencing symptoms, but is also still transitioning through the post-op healing process.


          Drew Ruebbelke

            Pumped to see you’re with Dr. Chris over at Barefoot Rehab, Jeff! Great clinic to be apart of. Nice work.



              Thanks Drew!
              I’m very excited to be here!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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