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Principles Webinar Was Pure Gold

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    Paul Nottoli

      I just wanted to say thank you for the principles webinar. I just had a chance to watch the replay and it was a great start to 2019 and having the focus of why I do what I do as an ID provider and to “slow down and don’t skip steps”. These are the first steps to becoming an elite provider so if you haven’t watch it please do.


      William Brady, DC

        Thanks for the feedback Paul. If you haven’t watched this yet- stop what you are doing and watch it. Everything you do is governed by these principles whether you know it or not.


        Anthony Moreno


          I watched this for the first time and also realized the value and importance of really being true to the principles. I’ve only had 2 hands on seminars to really reinforce the processes of ID. I’ve realized that doing ID a percentage of the time does not work and makes my work life scattered. I have called 14 January “ID-day” for me and my staff! We are going to implement ID as it’s meant to be done. I’ll be honest, I had Drew R. visit recently and to see an ID provider completely thinking of ID during assessment, treatment, and communication is something I truly appreciated seeing, so Drew thank you! It made me realize that when I approach an assessment, treatment, ect.. It is with multiple lenses, and truly takes away from the simple and certain approach of ID. So anyway, I’m still ground pounding, and trying to get this right! I’ll see you guys at hands on here soon.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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