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    Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

      ########I just read over this, and it sounds like butterflies and rainbows and all great things. My dedication to excellence started in 2017. Prior to that I was dabbling with excellence a couple of times a year, seeing 40-60 pt/week working 52 weeks a year with barely a day off. I was surviving, enough to get by in CA, but that was about it.######

      As I finished up my year end financials, I was able to reflect on 2017. Everyone has their own metrics for what success is. When I think about success it has less to do with finances and more to do with freedom. I generally define success as, doing whatever I want whenever I want.

      I am not there yet. Not even close. I enjoy much of the aspects of work, but there are still many things that I don’t. By my definition of success, 2017 was amazingly successful. I moved into a new office that actually looks like and experts office. My office is a place of solace for me, in addition to the place where I help other people achieve their potential and change the world by increasing their function and decreasing their pain, its a place that is comfortable and comforting for me. The art, paint colors and decor all make me happy. Its one of my happy places.

      In 2017 I also began the terrifying process of dropping insurance companies. As someone who has been playing the insurance game and accepting decreasing payments with a shrug of the shoulders (what are you going to do?), this is a huge deal. I’m down 4, and guess who doesn’t have to do extra pointless paperwork for authorizations anymore? That’s right, this guy! Still more to go, but no more spending hours each week working on that misery.

      Finances are still important. I am by no means the most financially successful of the group here, but for those who are interested, year to year I spent $7757 more on continuing education and increased revenue by $32029. I took my first full week vacation away from the office over Christmas, which was only mildly anxiety producing. I went from 76 pt/wk to 88 pt/wk over the whole year, and currently have can’t see any new patients for 3 weeks, then won’t be able to start treatment for 2 weeks. If you are an established patient, I have two openings in the next two weeks. I am rapidly paying down my student loan despite my California taxes and cost of living, handful of children as a single income family.

      Its unbelievable to me. I imagined I would be in the IBR program for the whole thing, as in network in CA doesn’t pay very well, especially considering the cost of living here. I can’t believe how great its been, as it was just over a year ago that I was shaking in my boots not treating on the first visit and having people come back the next day for treatment worried they wouldn’t come back.

      In 2017, I saved someones life by catching breast cancer missed by her PCP, Chiro, PT, and ortho who were all treating her neck. There’s no way I would have come close without ID. I’ll never forget that coaching call when Dr. Brady says, you have to rule out cancer, and I was like, “Oh, crap…she’s got cancer.” Then the phone call with the primary to order the imaging and get the workup. It took a while to convince him as he had just seen her 2 weeks prior. To be able to say, “I’m not a cancer expert, but I’m very good at treatment for musculoskeletal injuries, and these 4 things are inconsistent for msk problems.” and actually mean it. Amazing? Yes. Life changing? Definitely.

      In 2017, my wife got on board with all the travel and studying. She’s not happy when I’m gone, but now she understands the purpose. Having her on my side with my improvement and quest for excellence has been a huge deal.

      Share your own, or don’t share. Comment or don’t.

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