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Practice re-branding?

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    Scott Glidden

      I just wrapped up working a 5k this morning. My staff said that many people she spoke with saw the name with “spine” in Select Spine and Sport and simply said “I already see a chiropractor.”

      How do you get around this? I really get frustrated with the expectations that come with anything that reminds people of a chiropractor, so I’m strongly thinking about re-branding, perhaps taking a page/stealing from Matt Maggio and going Select Injury Solutions to replace Select Spine and Sport. Any thoughts?


      Danielle Hommer, DC

        You can get a fictitious name through your LLC and re-brand really easily (wrt legal parameters) . Find the thread with myself & Matt in it.


        Drew Ruebbelke

          I used to get hung up on this quite a bit. You’ll realize over time that there’s bigger fish to fry. I would add “soft tissue” in there. Other than that, the name needs to stick out, and be a brief description of what you do. We see numerous patients that google soft tissue or something muscle related because they have already done the chiro and PT route. However, you trade one annoyance for another. With having soft tissue in your name, they lump you in with massage therapy and you battle that also. Your skills and reputation over time gets people in the door. And when you have a lot of word of mouth referral, people remember your name personally more than your practice name. There will always be a need for explanation about what you do and how it’s different, no matter what. People inherently don’t understand the differences until you tell them. Hope this helps.


          Matthew Ellerbrock

            I echo what Drew said. Have a good brand, professional logo, which I believe you have with what Google showed me. Soon people will stop lumping you with chiros and more with FAKTR, ART, Graston, and ASTM people.

            I used to get my inner being all worked up when someone said ‘oh yeah, my (insert DC LMT DO my kids walking on my back) does that too’. Or when someone after I masterfully removed the adhesion and their test was improved, pain reduced said ‘last week when you messed with my neck that really helped’.

            In general, people are lazy with their words. In general, we are not and this can create sensitivity. Keep working towards mastery and you will still have this happen. Your reaction to their statement made out of ignorance of your skill set will change. Mostly these days I feel sorry for the person who makes the statement.

            However if it’s truly a question from an open minded person, as in “how is this or how are you better than (insert whatever technique or provider) at finding and fixing my problem” you gotta have your elevator speech together to tee off and nail that one out of the park. Because that is your next new patient. And that person’s family and their friends.


            Scott Glidden

              Thanks for the help! In regards to the name I suppose I’d rather get lumped with doctors over LMTs and just focus on mastery. I figured if there were to be a good time to change, the office move would be a good time. If I get to the point where I’m really hitting a roadblock for some reason or another I’ll revisit the change.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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