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    Jamie Hansen

      Hey Everyone,
      I attended my first small group this past Friday, during the group we spent a-lot of time focusing on MCE (really drilling the steps and feeling each step of the way) My second day back at work, and my MCE treatments have been light years ahead of where I was prior to Fridays small group. I just wanted to share this info, and if anyone was on the fence about attending small group the fine tuning of your skill set is invaluable and the results can be seen and implemented the your very first day back in clinic.

      Looking forward to the 3-day intensive in July.

      Have a great day everyone!



      Paul Nottoli

        That is awesome to hear Joe.


        William Brady, DC

          Thanks for sharing your experience! Small Group training keeps getting better and better. All three attendees at the last small group were able to get MAR: Medial Cervical Erector 90%+ if perfect is 100%. That is HUGE. Thank you for your dedication to excellence.

          The application of MAR and IAR is a skill, that skill is learned with practice and expert instruction. Here is the hard part: getting passes 50% right still makes huge gains. This leads people to think they “have it” or that their technique is “good enough.” This thinking leaves so much value, health and potential on the table. Why not be amazing? Why not deliver insane value? Why not make 3-4 passes and get 80-90% improvements in range of motion? Why not be so great that your are booked on $3000 per case with case fee?

          Registration for small group is now in the Hands-On Seminar page, in the top right blue navigation link.
          I urge you to pick a date and improve your skills. It’s easily one of the best investments you can make.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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