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    Christopher Stepien

      I have patient hours the way Dr. Brady recommends them.

      • M 2-730
      • T 8-1
      • W 2-730
      • R 8-1
      • F 3-5
      I’ve had several patients who haven’t necessarily complained, but who have mentioned “What’s up with me leaving a VM Tuesday at 1:30 PM and not hearing back until Wednesday evening?”
      I ignored the first few, but these statements have continued to come over the past 6 months.
      I also do not know how many patients I’m losing by not answering the phone or returning phone calls, sometimes more than 24 hours later.
      I tried an answering service, but was not happy with them. Our patients didn’t like that the feel of the service was OFF from myself and our staff.
      I’m curious if any of you have faced similar issues and what your answers have been to this issue.
    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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