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    Scott Glidden

      I’ve got a business question for all of you successful ID providers out there:

      I recently managed to get bought out of the gym I co-owned and operate out of and now I’m looking to up that PAVE score! I’ve made passing inquiries into office space downtown and some say that I can’t lease a traditional office space in a building because I’m “medical”.  Do you think I could get around that once they realize I have no biohazards at my office? Also- there is a hospital with available office space for lease in a very nice part of Milwaukee. Is this something I should look into or focus on something else? My goal is to stay within a 5 minute drive of downtown Milwaukee to stay close to a population hub, so a strip mall or the like won’t be an option. Thanks!


      Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

        Good work on getting out of the gym. This is a huge deal.

        Find an office that will allow you to be there. In many cities there are zoning rules that will limit you. My city is small (pop 27,000) and they have zoned certain areas and streets for medical. They want all medical/dental/health in the same area. You have to get special approval for areas outside the zones.

        My new office is in a building with 4 suites (2 upstairs, and 2 downstairs) There are 3 identical buildings in a row. Its filled with different types of professionals (psychologist, lawyer, financial planner) as well as two primary care physicians.

        You can go either way, medical plaza or professional office. I wouldn’t vary too much from that if you are in the city. Others may differ. There are plenty that do a stand-alone building. The most important things are location, size, and what you can do to the inside to make it work best.


        Drew Ruebbelke

          Agree with Cohen on this one. Also, when we were looking for space the owners weren’t pumped about us being above the first floor because they didn’t like drop tables. Apparently they’re very loud for neighboring businesses. We made sure they knew that we don’t do super cool chiro techniques like that, and that we will have no hazardous materials whatsoever. So as long as you clarify that with them, you may be eligible for more professional/medical suites. Glad you’re out of the gym! You already ramped up your pave score by no longer treating out of a gym location.


          Scott Glidden

            Thanks Brandon and Drew!

            I’m pretty excited for the move, and I think a medical suite could be a boon for referrals once my new neighbors are educated about ID–however the potential road block of getting into one of these spaces and not being an in-network provider could be an initial issue. The pull of a normal office building is strong!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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