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Observation/Training openings for Dr. Nottoli

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    Carl Nottoli, DC

      So far we have had really good success implementing the O/T part of the ID system. The a few BIG take-aways that we have seen that can improve your practice immediately are:

      1. Overall patient flow using two rooms and paper notes. Staying on task and showing your patient’s you are here to work improves your credibility.
      2. How to handle expected patient frustrations when they don’t follow prescription or do too much because they felt better.
      3. How to get the information needed in 2 minutes to test so you as the doctor have no surprises and the patient doesn’t feel like you are badgering them with questions.
      4. How to quickly handle a patient’s concerns of a new complaint region without fracturing the doctor/patient relationship.
      5. How to handle load management and have the patient know you are on their side.
      6. Watching patient visit with an assistant doing notes and helping with treatment procedures.
      Right now I have one more Friday available in 2017 on November 3rd.
      2018 is open the Friday before each Level seminar.
      We can also arrange another date if you prefer and it fits my schedule. Email Dr. Brady to get on the schedule!


        Having done one of these with Carl, I can attest to their value. Lots of needed communication lessons ad well as hands on at the end. And everyone knows the focus Carl brings to anything he does. Worth every penny.



          Is the O/T a full day or half day? Hands-on with patients or staff?


          Carl Nottoli, DC

            ID Providers that are full body certified are also eligible for Observation & Training:

            Four hours of one-on-one time with an Integrative Diagnosis instructor, in their office.

            1. Patient Observation: (2 hours) See an ID instructor treat patients! This is the ID system expertly utilized in all aspects: diagnosis, communication, treatment, notes, staff, office look and feel… everything!
            2. Discussion: (1 hour) Get all of your questions answered. Observation will trigger questions on the part of the provider and teaching opportunities on the part of the instructor. This solidifies and deepens the understanding of what happened during observation.
            3. Hands-On: (1 hour) The instructor and provider will take turns being patient and doctor. This provides opportunity for hands-on time and expert technique feedback in the flow of a patient visit.

            Fee: $1200 Instructors: Matt Lytle, DC (St. Louis, MO) and Carl Nottoli, DC


            William Brady, DC

              All course descriptions are here:



              Eric Lambert, DC

                I did the O/T with Carl back in September. I was able to take home things that I could use in my own practice immediately just from observing Carl for those few hours. I’d recommend everyone do an O/T with either Carl or Matt, it’s great to actually see an office that uses exclusively ID.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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