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    William Brady, DC

      Check out the new QLF video in the lumbar and Hip section. I also put it in the Intro to ID section.


      Eric Lambert, DC

        That was excellent with the new chart to show all the segment numbers. Makes it a lot easier to understand for both provider and patients I believe. And it just plain works when put into practice. Thanks for making it even easier.


        Seth Schultz, DC

          Love it. This is so much easier to establish priority with the other level 1 material and being able to show patients that chart is going to be a game changer.


          Scott King, DC

            Prioritizing QLF based on level of function has gotten markedly easier and results have come much faster in low back/hip patients. No other test breaks down lumbar flexion the way this does!


            William Brady, DC

              Brandon, are you still having this problem? If yes please email me a screen shot.



              Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

                I can only see the first two lines on all these replies. I am using Firefox, and the third line get,s cut halfway through, and nothing beyond that. It might just be my issue, but I thought it was worth sharing.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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