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negative arthrogram

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    Andrew Wengert

      44 year old female complaining of left posterior hip pain.  Patient describes pain as an achy, stabbing, and burning.  Pain was a 2/10 in the office and gets up to a 9/10.  Pain is made worse with running, planting the foot and changing directions, swinging the leg to get out of the car and impact.  Pain was made better with rest.  Walking on an incline or being on the bike does not increase pain.

      The pain started during training for a savage race.  It progressively got worse and worse as she trained through it.  Pain was originally in the groin and has settled in the posterior hip.

      All level 1 tests were 100% function with no symptoms.  Palpation of the posterior hip revealed no tender areas.

      With all level 1 tests being negative, I was thinking pathology so I ordered a left hip arthrogram, which came back negative.

      Should I be thinking disc at this point?

      Should I have been thinking disc when I ordered the arthrogram?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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