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Medical Release Form for Notes

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    Drew Ruebbelke

      Hey everyone,

      I’ve got a patient who needs all her medical notes for a trial coming up. Wanted to see if anyone has a medical release form that was standard that her lawyer can sign. Much appreciated.


      Eric Lambert, DC

        Not sure about your state law, but don’t the attorneys there send you a subpoena with the patients signature for the release of records for a trial?

        The HIPAA release form that the patient signs might have something to help with the release or a standard release of records that the patients signs documenting the request.

        Either way, I’d charge a copying fee for the records for an attorney.


        Keith Puri, DC

          In Mass, the attached are copies of what would be sent from an attorney when they are requesting medical records. I would assume the attorney should be able to furnish something like this to your office.

          In this case, I sent copies of the requested medical records along with what the attorney sent (see attached) as a pseudo ‘cover sheet’. If the records need to be ‘certified’ I can forward you a word copy of what we use in our office.


          Drew Ruebbelke

            Much appreciated!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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