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Low Back Specialist for FASTEST growing ID Clinic?

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    Christopher Stepien

      12 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to New Jersey

      1. I feel super guilty for title of this post – however, I’m aggressively looking for a Low Back and Hip specialist in our quickly growing clinic in Denville, NJ, 45 mins from New York City. I’m doing everything to find the right person – staffing companies, social media posts, poaching doctors, and now, posting here, which for some reason, I resisted.

      2. Please forgive me for my non-humble brag in #1. I’m focusing on the goal.

      3. Dr. Joe (Our Neck Specialist) and I had our best week ever last week, selling 9 cases at average of $3k/pop last week.

      4. Dr. Nina (Our Arm Specialist) and Dr. Jeff (Our Leg Specialist) are currently at $85/visit, having started at $45/visit last summer. They continue to deliver better care and get better results.

      5. #4 matters because we have a team, a family, believing in ID, treating each other, and helping each other master our service to people who need our care. We hold each other accountable to a VERY HIGH standard.

      6. Dr. Joe has literally only been doing ID since Feb 1, 2019, got to Case Fee by Month 9, and is slated to make $70k base salary this year with 10% commission of Case Fee and Health Insurance and IRA contributions.

      7.#6 matters because Low Back and Hip is the #1 complaint in the body – we get the most leads for this body region with the least work. A Top Performing Low Back and Hip specialist could make $100k in our clinic, theoretically in Year 1 of practice … if they were a true baller (like that guy Zion – he looks bad ass).

      8. By being the 5th doctor in our clinic, you would have less of a grind than the 1st four doctors as we’ve continued to optimize all of our treatment, training, marketing, and operational systems.

      9. You’d still be expected to record content and take on other responsibility, this would be decrease over time as our team gained leverage in team performance, brand presence, and overall domination.

      10. If you were at all interested, you should expect this … YOU WOULD GROW EMOTIONALLY faster than you’ve ever grown in your life before. Many people tell me that I’m a walking human allergy. It’s OK if you don’t want that. But if you want to grow fast and crush life, just talk to Jeff, Nina, or Joe about what it’s like being at Barefoot. If you’re someone who resists growth, you should stay away from me.

      11. I love you.

      12. Forgive me for lack of humility. This is not a time to be humble. We need a low back specialist who wants to help us revolutionize care in New Jersey.

      Email me at if you’re interested.

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