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Is Integrative Diagnosis on your website?

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    William Brady, DC

      I just received this email from a colleague:

      “…I’m writing because I have a friend out in the [city name] that has been in enormous back pain for months and months who I think could greatly benefit from the integrative diagnosis approach. I went to the ID site to find a provider in her area and two doctors came up – Dr. [ABC] and Dr. [XYZ]. When going to each of their websites, there is not one mention of them using the ID approach so I’m a bit skeptical in sending her to either of them. It appears they practice standard chiropractic care which is not what she is looking for having already gone down that path.”

      If you are practicing ID and are on the find a provider listing PLEASE have ID listed on your website. We don’t need to create confusion in the public. If you are certified and don’t want to put ID on your website, or don’t practice according to the ID system let us know ( and we will remove you from the provider listing.

      Whether you find the ID brand helpful to put on your own website is your decision. But I hope you can understand we can’t put you on the provider feature and you haven’t mentioned it as a provided service. We just can’t afford to confuse the public.



    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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