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Investment in ID & ROI in 2018

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    Christopher Stepien

      Thought I’d share what my investment in ID has done for me since Carl kicked me in the ass for being away from ID from 2012-2015. In 2015, I invested full-time in ID.

      Just got my books.

      1st Image: 1st 3 months of this year were my worst in years due to closing the CrossFit gym and my depression. Grossed $48k.

      2nd image: Grossed $119k over past 3 months since converting to Case Fee (FYI – we still take out-of-network benefits in NJ. But we’re now collecting minimum of $200/visit instead of $150/visit prior to case fee transition because I’m stricter with people’s co-pays).

      This is fucking silly. To be able to take care of my family and not worry about having to sell my home is a magical feeling.

      3rd image: Spent $38k on ID with another $10k on travel.

      It would be unfair to discredit the mindset and marketing work I’ve done. However, I owe huge credit to ID, Dr. Brady, Carl, Matt, and Cody as a huge piece of this success.

      My primary reason for sharing is if Carl didn’t kick me in the ass and I didn’t see his path, I probably would NOT have opted … to make a choice, to crush it.

      My hope is that this does the same thing for 1 of you.  And to kick my own ass into keep going.

      TY for allowing me to share and for reading through now.

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      Cody Scharf, DC

        I am SO happy for you, Chris! Seriously! Keep kicking ass!


        Matthew Ellerbrock

          This is great to see Chris! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks at small group!



            Nice work Chris! and Thank you!


            William Brady, DC

              Much respect Chris! You have invested in becoming a better provider, focusing on delivering the ultimate service and lastly insisting on getting paid what you are worth. That is the dream!


              Carl Nottoli, DC

                Beautiful! And thank you for some of the credit in your success. You still needed to put in the focused work and you clearly did and continue to do. I simply try to act as someone I would want to follow.

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