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Improving job descriptions for staff

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    Eric Lambert, DC

      I know this might be a higher level clinic issue. But I’m trying to improve on my clinics job description lists for my employees, as I have not updated mine in a few years. Front desk, Clinical Assistant and Provider. But I was wondering if anyone was still using a new patient coordinator and what their full job entails, other than talking to the new patients and how that might be able to blend with another job title if possible. Also if anyone has anything made up in these job categories that they are willing to share that would awesome. Thanks


      Carl Nottoli, DC

        This is more of a culture question. Do you and your entire clinic understand the mission and the end game? If not, this has to be figured out. Otherwise there will be lackluster performance and people will only do what they feel like doing instead of what’s necessary to accomplish the mission. At the end of the day job titles don’t really matter. What is the role of the person and what do they need to perform their best work. It’s on you as the leader to figure this out.
        Some questions I like to ask:
        1) What are you doing in your free time at work?
        2) What’s stopping you from creating your best work possible? (be aware that this might be something they need from you).
        3) Tailing on question #2…What do you need from me to preform your role with excellence?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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