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    Christopher Stepien

      Hi all,

      I’m moving the office out of the boonies to a popular downtown area. 1200 square feet. It’s currently an empty shell.

      I want to build it to be the ideal ID office. Looking highly professional. I’m building 3 treatment rooms (looking to have a massage therapist or energy healer rent out one room).  Going to make them 8×13 s.f.

      My primary question right now is, the contractor mentioned building walls to the ceiling or leaving a gap 2′ gap at the top.

      Knowing that I want to use 2 treatment rooms simultaneously and begin to implement a note-assistant in 2018, I figured that I could sacrifice wall-ceiling closure (and the privacy that would come with it) and could allow for more open space in office (I believe in Feng Shui). And I wouldn’t need as much privacy since I’m having an assistant anyway.

      Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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