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    Paul Nottoli

      Before I start my day and last Friday workday of the year I finally wanted to share something I have always been embarrassed to share with all of you. But I figured if someone else is going through it, it can help them.

      In 2015 I was probably 1 bad patient day away from closing my practice and saying fuck it. I felt like I was falling behind in ID, I wasn’t getting results and I was burned out, my body was feeling like shit and I was busting my ass and had no money.

      I didn’t attend many ID seminars or other training because I felt like an imposter, the “dumb kid” in class and like I didn’t belong with all the people kicking ass in the system. Traveling to Boston to work directly with Dr. Brady and small group gave me anxiety just thinking about it because I felt like I wasn’t worthy to do so.

      At some point in time in 2016, I don’t remember what was said exactly but Carl and Dr. Brady said something at a seminar (maybe they knew, maybe they didn’t) that made me go all in again. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I figured if I just committed the money would always be there and it would work out.

      Fast forward to a year later, while still managing to screw things up I had my best practice year ever, I attended 8 hands-on seminars (I think) I have hired a clinic assistant that is starting January 2nd, I am traveling to Boston in January and March.

      All this is directly related to ID and the system. If you have these demons like I still fight with from time to time, go all in. You won’t regret it. ID literally saved my life and I can’t say anything more than thank you to everyone in this system even though that isn’t enough to express my gratitude.

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