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ID is Life saving…again

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    Ryan Madigan, DC

      I had a patient come in yesterday with horrible low back pain with numbess and tingling down his legs.  He has seen every doctor on the planet the last few month including multiple injections in the Hip, Si joint and Lumbar spine (he said the Pain Dr had it narrowed down he thought, what a joke).  Along with his pain and tingling he said he felt like his legs were 100 pounds each and always tired.  His tests were mildly postive but not enough to have that big of an effect or explain his symptoms.  Doing reverse compatibility and all the history questions something didnt make sense.  Upon inspection of his legs something was off, he had swelling and heat.  Without going crazy with details, I referred him out immediately for testing.  The tests came back positive for DVT’s in both legs and he his getting surgery tomorrow.

      I can tell you with certainty I would have missed this a year and a half ago.  The thought process and systems of ID made me think something else had to be going on.  I can’t thank this group enough for the hard work and dedication.  It really does make a difference it patient’s lives.

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