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    Christopher Stepien

      I was talking to fellow ID doctor Brian Zelasko last weekend about my goal of hiring 2 associates in 2019. He immediately told me, “Students reach out to me all of the time. 1 Reached out next week. I can send him to you, if you’d like.”

      I’ve already interviewed this student – Side-note: He was an awesome candidate, but was very concerned about not adjusting.

      I thought it’d be a good idea for anyone who is hiring to post HERE so that fellow doctors who are NOT hiring can forward candidates within the ID system, since it’s so hard to find Top-Performing Students.

      So …

      I’m looking for an associate (with equity opportunity in the future) in Denville, NJ, 45 minutes from New York City.

      I’ll include a $1,000 finder’s fee for anyone who refers a candidate that I hire.

      If you know anyone who is looking, feel free to forward them to me.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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