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How important is location for ID providers?

Exit forum ID Forum Discussion How important is location for ID providers?

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    Eric Lambert, DC

      This week I was visited by a commercial broker I have treated in the past. He brought to my attention a building space for rent in my area that is on one of the busiest intersections for the area, right off the interstate. Prime location in my area, everyone knows this intersection and it has probably 3 to 4 times as many cars go past the buildings there than my building has. He wanted me to go into it so I could grow more.

      I’ve heard it both ways, being the kind of provider that ID providers are, we’re a destination. I also know that people have to know you are there, signage on a busy street would help. I’ve also always been told by any management company that more street signage and location made a difference. Times have changed some I realize in the past 20 years, this why I’m asking the forum.

      Only issue I can see the location is at the busy times of day 7-9 and 4-6 it’s harder to turn left, if at all due to intersection traffic around the location.

      My lease is just about up renewal this year, this place is clearly a better location as far as foot/car traffic is concerned. It has twice the signage I currently have. However it is $1000 more than what I currently pay for rent and it’s only 300 square feet larger than what I currently have. So in theory, I’d be paying more for the location.

      So my question would be, how much does location and/or foot traffic really matter for others ID providers?

      Thanks for the help


      William Brady, DC

        Your question boils down to value. Of course it costs more for a location with more signage and traffic. How much more and what else could you do with the money marketing wise? You said it’s $1000 more, is that per month or per year? Are you looking to grow? Do you need more space? Is the extra 300 sq ft an additional room of just bigger rooms?

        Moving is a big deal. Lots of hassle and expense.

        If you are booked out two weeks, people are not having a hard time finding you. I would spend your time, money and energy focusing on fully implementing the ID system. With the $1000 a month I could do an in office assessment and you could attend several small groups. That will get you busier regardless of your location.



        Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

          I would be more concerned with the niceness and quality of the office than the location. If you have been in your place for a while, people know where it is. There’s a lot you can do with $1000/mo to make your practice better between your own training, practice marketing, getting better employees, etc.


          Eric Lambert, DC

            Thanks for the advice. It is $1000 per month extra. We don’t need more space per say, just a better configuration of the office would be nice to continue future growth and the current location will not allow for that without significant modifications to walls. That extra 300 sq feet made the treatment rooms 2 or 3 feet larger than the ones we have currently (9 by 10’s). Thanks for the advice again both of you. I appreciate the honestly.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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