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    Scott Glidden

      As my intern is wrapping up her time with me (not hiring material) I just posted a job listing for front desk on indeed and facebook. I put that it is critical they mention their favorite pizza topping in their correspondence in order to be considered. None of that yet. I’m also using a phone screening assessment that indeed has to see how they sound on the phone.

      Are there any other tips you have?

      I also had a patient reach out saying she would love to work for me. That would be ideal, right?


      Adam Holen D.C.

        Those are the basics. Ultimately it will boil down to your rapport and gut feeling with them. I’d come up with 5-10 questions to ask them to evaluate their understanding and seriousness. Someone just looking for work likely won’t be a good fit. Start with a phone interview where you get the basics, what they’re looking for, their understandings of your office, etc. I’d try to get 2-3 candidates to then come in and shadow you for a couple of hours where they can see things in action. The right candidates will be eager to ask what and why then you can ask your remaining questions to see their reactions in person. It’s better to be tedious about this process from the start than to just hire a “good fit” bc they were a patient or nice. Turnover is not something you want to be dealing with and it’s difficult to avoid but making sure the hiring process reflects your day to day operations will make the initial hire more likely to see it through. Not sure there’s a perfect formula for this process, but it sounds like you’re already doing the right things.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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