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Grade 3 Disruption of MCL?

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    Christopher Stepien

      I have a 23 year old rugby player who has a grade 3 disruption of the distal attachment of the MCL.

      Google says that these injuries don’t always need surgery, although a “grade 3” disruption says it’s a complete tear.  I don’t understand how a complete tear doesn’t require surgery.

      This patient is now sprinting again, although he cannot pivot off that foot without pain.  I feel like he’s a ticking time bomb and have told him not to sprint, but I would like to know further.

      Any experience with these types of injuries?



      William Brady, DC

        Yes, grade 3 is a complete tear. Yes, surgical repair is rarely necessary… but those are generalities.

        How long ago was it torn? What does the stability look like? Does it gap more than a centimeter with valgus stress test? Did he just tear the MCL or ACL too? Did you do an exam? What were the ID tests? Is there room for progress there?


        Christopher Stepien

          Very helpful. I have all of this at the office. The only thing I didn’t test is the 1 cm of movement during the valgus stress.  He is running longer and longer periods of time with some AM soreness the  next day. I will check this test the next time I see him and give the full report if I need to when I have his file in front of me.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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