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Getting eccentric load on patellar tendon

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    Michael Vibert


      I’m dealing with a case of patellar tendinosis and am getting towards that 60-80% ROM improvement. Now I am wondering what exercises other clinicians have found useful in these cases?

      It would seem a challenge to get tension on the ligament all the way through knee flexion without bending the hip.

      I’m thinking maybe a single leg squat against the wall with a big ball behind the back in an attempt to keep the hip from bending. Or maybe just sliding straight down the wall.

      This dude is fit so no worries with more challenging movements.

      Any thoughts would be much appreciated!



      Carl Nottoli, DC

        Do a pistol (single leg) type squat with the heel raised about 1-2″.

        Slow lowering to a sit or chair, then back up with both legs.

        Build up 2×15 reps, 2x/day.


        Keith Puri, DC

          Attached are a few exercises I have put together for patellar tendinopathy using a combination of heavy slow resistance, concentric-eccentric and eccentric exercises. I have attached the file as a word document, so feel free to use and/or modify.


          Michael Vibert

            Thank you for your replies! I will try him out on the pistol squats first which I suspect he’ll be ok with but if it’s too much then I’ll give him some of the more basic ones you’ve got on that doc Keith.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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