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Functional Spine and Sport Mega Clinic 2024

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    Carl Nottoli, DC

      It is with great excitement that I’m reaching out to all ID providers. Many of you have already seen the post I put on FB regarding this topic. The purpose of this message is to let all of you know that I see massive potential in you and I can help you reach your goals beyond what you think is possible. The goal is hiring 3 more providers in the next 5-6 years.

      We all know that ID is the way, but when you’re an island there are many obstacles and fears to overcome day in and day out. One of the hardest things for me to watch as an instructor is seeing an ID provider wash out of the system. I know it’s hard a lot of days. And our human nature is always looking for short cuts. Dr Brady will never stop his mission to make this system more accessible and implementable, but the human body is inherently complex and it takes extreme focus every damn day.

      What if there was a way to ease the suffering, be surrounded by others that push you to grow professional/personally, hold you accountable, and have the system set up for you to succeed? Well, that’s what I’m offering you! It’s still going to be a lot of work, but you won’t fail as long as you can keep up with us. How would you like to see your patient outcomes improve by 50-100% and get paid what your worth?!

      As I’ve said on my FB post, I have hand selected 5 individuals as of now that I will be contacting in the next two weeks. I encourage all of you not to wait if this interests you. My cell is 269-267-7937. Remember, there are a lot of suffering people out there that need our help and my mission is to dominate the healthcare market so we can wipe out all the bullshit that hurts people.

      Have a great day and don’t skip steps 😉


      Drew Ruebbelke

        Loving the mission. Loving the passion.


        Seth Schultz, DC

          My experience so far has been one of growth, professionally and personally. When I look back at where I was 2 years ago compared to now it’s hard to think I’m the same person. The amount of clinical knowledge alone feels like it’s been an entire career, not 2 years. My treatment skills have skyrocketed and because of that the diagnostic and communication skill has followed suit.

          If you would have asked me 2 years ago “Do you think you could charge over $3000 for a case?” I would have answered “hopefully in 5 or 6 years”. Well that 5-6 years has been under 2 years! That is the type of growth you can see when your in an environment like the one we have at FSS.

          The intangibles that have come along are just icing on the cake. My vision has never been more clear. I want to give each of my patients the best care available. They have been massively under-served prior to coming to our office and we are here to fix that. Having, not only, a great doctor but a great person like Carl in your corner everyday only allows for your potential to be limitless.

          I’ve never been more excited for the future than I am right now! I’m grateful everyday I had this opportunity 2 years ago and I wouldn’t let this opportunity slip for those of you out there wondering if you should reach out. Do it and become the best doctor you can be.


          William Brady, DC

            Being a great provider is tough. Learning ID requires investment, humility, patience etc. I feel the same way Dr. Nottoli does… there are great providers out there that are struggling unnecessarily.

            Instead of focusing on diagnosis and treatment they are marketing, hiring, firing, getting leases, learning the newest Facebook algorithm, trying to have a high PAVE score on an small budget, deal with insurance etc…

            Mega clinics and body region specialists with the ID system is the future. The future is now! Everyone does better with this model. Be successful and smart, like Dr. Schultz, and take Dr. Nottoli up on this offer.

            Think of it from the patient perspective: for world class care do you go to the single doc office or the large specialist clinic?

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