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Front Desk Training – Template

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    Adam Holen D.C.

      The next stop on the struggle bus is staff training.  In a more rural area, I have fewer opportunities to screw things up before a bad word of mouth starts to build.  In an attempt to avoid that at all costs, I’ve created a template for my front desk staff to use for essentially every patient encounter.  This has been difficult in itself as I’m essentially making this shit up as we go, but I figured something to go off of is better than just winging it and self-correcting off nothing.  We aren’t busy enough yet to be super exclusive, but at the same time, we want to avoid patients who are likely to drop out of care early and any other negative encounters.

      The reason I’m posting this is 2-fold: 1. If there’s something of value for you to implement, feel free to use it and 2. More importantly, I’m looking for any feedback you may have on this template.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated, especially from those that have an office that runs like a well-oiled machine.  Let me know your thoughts, for better or worse, as I’m putting this out there to learn from mistakes and improve upon them, ideally before they happen.  Thanks!


      Carl Nottoli, DC

        Your policies and training is great! For just starting out this is a very advanced starting point. At certain points, you will have to do field testing and train nuances of human behavior. There’s no good document for this. It’s a matter of teaching and growing as a person.

        With that said, here are a few things I’ll add specifically to your document:

        After Consultation:

        – “Are you a candidate for an exam?” (seem excited for them!)
        This part should already be determined by you and communicated to your staff by you or your assistant. Have that discussion directly with the patient as you wrap up the consultation.

        – “That’s awesome! “Would you like to get that scheduled?”
        Don’t ask the question. Rather, “Our first available is X day and time. Or is there a specific day and time that works best for you?”

        Hesitant to schedule out? – still skeptical, quick fix, shady in general.
        “Don’t you want to get better?” “Was there anything that was unclear about your diagnosis or treatment plan prescription?” Let’s just be up front and ask questions.


        Adam Holen D.C.

          Thanks Carl I really appreciate the feedback! Definitely understand this will be an evolving process to fine tune with each experience. Just glad to hear that it’s a decent template to begin with as we progress.


          Michael Vibert

            Thanks for sharing Adam. This is a really detailed and super helpful document. These types of procedures are very difficult to produce and I think that you have the concepts well described.


            Adam Holen D.C.

              Thanks Michael, hope there’s something of value for you to use.

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