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    Adam Holen D.C.

      The “Find a Provider” page does not work on mobile (or at least didn’t for me and others on Safari). I was trying to hook up Brandon with a referral out in Cali and ran into this issue last week while having someone look it up on their phone. I just wanted to bring this to your attention and see if anyone else has noticed issues with it. Don’t worry Brandon, the guy already scheduled with you.

      A “For Patients” page would be sweet to link out to within our website and give patients a better understanding of the training/specialization we have. Our messages our pretty congruent in that we all take on chronic & difficult cases, but no one is looking at multiple ID providers pages. There may be value in having a link for patients to read up more on why we’re the best in the world at non-surgical care. Why we specialize in adhesion, the importance of range of motion, how we’re different from other ppl who “treat” adhesion, what training entails, etc. Just a thought, as I’d love to link to the ID site more, but there’s no real place to send anyone besides the find a provider page.


      Eric Lambert, DC

        Adam, I link my website to the FAQ area of ID as well. However I agree having a patient educational area to describe more for patient care and why ID providers are unique, coming from the source, would be useful as well. We could all link to it with our own sites, which would boost the back links for ID site possibly increasing traffic to the pages linked.


        William Brady, DC

          Thanks for posting. We have tested the find a provider feature on desktop, mobile, iphone 11, android, safari and google- all of these are working with our testing. Please double check- it may have been a bug that was fixed? If you are still having the issue please post your hardware (device), software (which browser) and the exact problem (More than “not working” is there an error message? What happens or doesn’t happen?). Thank you.

          As for having a public facing explanation of ID for patients… It sounds like a great/helpful idea. But what does the data tell us? We have done this several times over the past decade and the traffic is so small it’s not worth creating and maintaining content. ID has to prioritize our projects (just like you do with patient care). We stay focused on training providers in the best system to ever exist for diagnosis and treatment of MSK problems. Direct patient communication will remain your individual responsibility.

          Thanks again for the input.


          Adam Holen D.C.

            I just tried it again and everything seems to be working now. The problem I was having was when you put your location in, say “California”, checked all the boxes (regions trained), and put 500 miles, the “search” button wouldn’t do anything. It was as if it was not ‘clickable’ so the map never changed. Certainly could have been a bug. I was using an iPhone and Safari. I had someone at that same time (last week) try with their iPhone on Chrome with the same result. Either way looks good to go now. I just wanted to bring it to light in case anyone else had any similar problems.

            Makes sense. I’d much rather have you focus on the priorities for us and our patients to benefit. This idea was just so that there was a page to link out to for curious patients, but that number, as you said, is very small so it’s not worth it in the grand scheme. I appreciate the clarification.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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