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    Christopher Stepien

      What has worked for you in regards to Facebook Advertising? What hasn’t worked? What type of blog posts, pictures, or copy have you used? Did you have a landing page?

      I’ve gotten engagement on boosted blog posts about specific injuries through likes + shares. I’ve never gotten anyone to come in for treatment.

      Any convo would be appreciated.



        Facebook is so hit and miss with their constant changes in the algorithm and posts that you think will do great get buried and really have no rhyme or reason.

        From what I have seen lately in a influx of patients is from reading my blog and making sure to stay regular with it a few times a month, this allows me to appropriately tag and target the right demographic. When people are looking for a resolution to their injury they most likely are looking online, and in most cases that is via google.

        Ive been amazed at how I regularly show up at the top of many searches from a true organic standpoint just from hitting the right key words in the blog.

        Facebook may seem alluring to us as it seems like everyone has it, but most people aren’t thinking when they are injured to jump on facebook, they default back to google.

        I have read your blogs in the past and you do a great job, so making that a committed part of your marketing should really show some dividends without dumping money into facebook advertising.


        Christopher Stepien

          Super helpful Cody + Matt. I’m going to continue with the blog posts (Thanks for the acknowledgement Matt) and continue boosting posts (Thanks Cody). Cody, please let me know how the squeeze pages go. I’m very curious. I’ve been looking into leadpages. Wishpond is free, but I don’t like it, too simple.


          Cody Scharf, DC

            I’ve had some pretty good success with Facebook Ads.

            I have recently become more aggressive with marketing with the addition of an ID provider in the office. Normally, we boost 1 post a week – either an article or a video. I’ve noticed that you have to be fluid with your target now – you cant keep targeting the same audience – as well as your amount you boost.

            In my area, I target specific groups of people – runners, tennis players, general pop. 30-54, etc). I target in a 25 mile radius around my office. I am located in a city with a metro around 250K but also attract from a nearby city with another 100K. In order to get the lowest cost per click, I will start with a small amount per boost – usually $20-30. If I see people are starting to click/like/share and my CPC is less than 35 cents I will add more time and money to the post. Most months will cost me around 200-300 dollars, but will attract around 2-5 more patients a month that specifically mention Facebook.

            I have noticed that when I do not do regular Facebook posts I get less clients off the internet. I used to dive deeper to find out how they found me online since I was not very visible on Google, and most of the time the article I posted would eventually come out. For some reason some people dont want to admit they found you through Facebook – this may be the case for you.

            I dont have a landing page but am looking into it. Currently, I am thinking about a squeeze page to try and add people to my monthly email list for continued contact with them.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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