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    Christopher Stepien

    And where do I buy blue pads?


    Christopher Stepien

    Does anyone have the dimensions for the lumbar table?

    My building guy is waiting dimensions and I’m waiting for Dr. Brady to get back to me. Would just to like to get him this info ASAP.


    Scott Glidden

    You’re going to have to buy high density foam and upholster a pad out of it. I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought a 2x2ft 2″ piece of foam for $12 and a yard of blue vinyl for $20. I purchased connecting foam floor from target for $20 for the knee pad.

    I got my plans from Dani, who got them from Brandon.

    Bill is having the tables fabricated to be top notch functionally and aesthetically, so if you want to wait a bit you could just buy one from him.


    William Brady, DC

    I know the wait for the new Lumbar Flexion table feels like a long time.

    Please keep in mind manufacturing a table (or anything) that will hold up for years, work properly, have a reasonable price point and ship without special attention… could take 12-18 months after the protoype is finished. Easily.

    The only other option I would have is to hold off on showing everyone until they are ready for purchase. I chose to show and teach the best methods available before the table is ready to buy.

    All of that being said… I do have some great news. The new lumbar flexion table will be ready for pre-order in the next week or two and (hopefully) ship 2-4 weeks after that. YES! 3-6 weeks until the first production tables are on their way to your offices.

    Thanks. I appreciate your interest and patience.

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