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    Eric Lambert, DC

      I had a good compliment from an MD  when I needed it over the weekend.  Feeling a little down due past couple weeks worth of weather here, probably the worst stretch of weather, as far as ice/snow combo, in the past 20 years since I’ve been in practice.   We’ve had to close down multiple days.

      But an MD who refers to me came in to get some treatment.  We discussed how hard the past couple weeks have been with patient care.  Then he told me something that escapes me at times, due to my own mindset.

      He said Eric you will be fine.  He said, “I always tell my patients now, that if Dr. Lambert says it, it’s true”.  He told me that I have been diagnostically correct with every diagnosis for the past two years with his patients.  He said you have not missed a disc problem or labrum/cartilage tear at all, even prior to getting an MRI.  He said that he appreciates my thoroughness and the fact that I tell the patients and providers what I can and can not help.

      This made me feel really good and I wanted to share it.  So thanks Bill, for continuing to make ID even better.  It makes all of us better doctors. Everyone ID provider who works the ID system well should be proud, because we are some of the best musculoskeletal providers in the nation.


      William Brady, DC

        Agreed. I wonder how many other docs (of any type or training) he refers to that are right all the time?!


        Brandon Cohen DC, CSCS

          Nice Eric! I’m glad you are on our team.

          I previously tried to create relationships with other medical providers with minimal success, do you have any secret sauce?


          Eric Lambert, DC

            Thanks Brandon, I’m proud to be part of the team.

            As far as having good relationships with my medical providers. It’s been a long road to be honest. I have been in my community for 20 years now. So some of these docs have seen me and worked with me on a couple cases over the years. But everything changed about 3 or 4 years ago with going more toward ID and just getting a meeting with a few of them and presenting it what I do and how it’s different. Luckily, I happened to work occasionally with a concierge doctor who has a really good reputation in my area, prior to me digging in with ID. He has been instrumental in me getting more doctors, due to his reputation.

            The biggest thing that made more of a difference, and Dr. Brady may disagree, is that I treated a couple of the higher up MD’s in my area for free to show them how what I do is different. Once I was able to help them, then they spread the word. I have two currently doctors who refer to me almost weekly now and a few other scattered referrals from other docs. I’m working on three or four other docs currently too in hopes they will be a big referral source. But it’s just putting in a lot hard work (sounds familiar with ID right) and constantly showing them value and results to be honest. And it’s taken years and several patient reports to get there too.

            Hope that helps some.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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