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Decreased Muscle Size after MAR? YES!

Exit forum ID Forum Discussion Decreased Muscle Size after MAR? YES!

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    William Brady, DC

      See the video I just posted on the Brady Back Institute youtube page:

      Or Visit @BradyBackInstitute on facebook for the link.

      THIS IS HUGE!!! 🙂


      William Brady, DC

        OK. Maybe I over stated the impact of this research. It’s not a big deal that there is now visual and quantifiable PROOF of massively improved tissue biomechanics after adhesion reduction?

        Maybe I should put out an identical video but the treatment was adjustment and the pathology was subluxation?


        Carl Nottoli, DC

          I truly appreciate your work in putting this together and self publishing it. I’ve shared it and will continue to share it ad nauseam.

          However, this doesn’t fit the institutional narrative of schools or clinical practice. So unfortunately only the select group of very smart individuals and their patients will care to watch and share it.

          I hope I’m wrong, but as you’ve stated before while running ID and seeing the numbers of adoption, people don’t want to learn something difficult and nuanced.


          Adam Holen D.C.

            I love it. Great research and thank you for continually striving to prove the work we do every day. To me, this is a very big deal, but to patients and other providers, it just isn’t sexy enough to matter. We live in a clickbait society, so unless this titled “THIS ONE SIMPLE TRICK WILL ELIMINATE CHRONIC PAIN!!!” it will be a big success to a small number of people.
            You’ve been fighting an uphill battle since day 1, trying to sell reality wrapped in hard work, to a culture of people who prefer the easy way.
            That’s why the ID community is so small/limited, your market is the top 1% of providers. It is by no means a reflection of the quality of work and value you provide. I wish people cared more about what matters, but patients are no different than providers. Unless it’s fast, cheap, and easy they likely aren’t interested in investing their time, money, and attention.
            Keep up the great work, it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.


            Seth Schultz, DC

              The first time I watched the video my wife watched it with me. At the end she said “how can someone watch that and not agree with it?!” That was my thought the entire time. It was just set up to be idiot proof if you treat msk conditions. The research converged with what you’ve been teaching in ID! It is hard not to accept this as truth or as you stated “providers need to be made aware of this diagnosis”.

              I was mind blown when you went through how you measured the depth of compression in pixels. PIXELS. And then made sure the same spot was used for follow up treatments. That type of detail is riddled throughout the ID system. Then the density part….uhhhh that is insane! And then you made sure there was microscopic proof of your theory. There was. No surprise again.

              I can only imagine how extremely rewarding this is as these concepts are being proven independently, from different research labs, without their knowing a clinical application exists.

              To say ID is lightyears ahead of the curve doesn’t do it justice. You have taught how finding the truth for msk pain can happen. The question is who is truly ready do that? A very small number of dedicated providers and for that I want to thank you for changing the trajectory of my career.


              William Brady, DC

                Thanks for the thoughtful comments. It’s a sad predicament for patients that the doctors in charge of their health are not interested in evidence, diagnosis, improved skill, hard work or details. It is a huge advantage for providers willing and able to do the work to provide clinical excellence.

                Keep up the great work!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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